Eerie Dawn’s ‘Festival of Frights’ SCREAM PARK is Buckinghamshire's original and only professional scare attraction.


Similar to a theme park with numerous rides and shows, a scream park combines a number of so called ‘haunted attractions’ in one place. The aim of our SCREAM PARK is to thrill, scare and entertain you with professional live actors, authentic and professionally constructed sets and atmospheric lighting with sound and special effects.


Unlike some Scare Attractions where you purchase a ticket for a single event the ‘Festival of Frights’ comprises several fully immersive SCARE MAZES and attractions for a single entry price. Each of our attractions has a unique theme and set which then feeds into the overall immersive story of the park.

Hot food is available each evening alongside the bar. On selected evenings there may be other entertainment on offer. We encourage guests to come and stay for the evening.

Eerie Dawn’s Festival of Frights’ SCREAM PARK is the ultimate unique and original 12A Hallowe’en destination in Buckinghamshire.