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placing children at the heart of creativity



Fairytale Academy provide creative dance classes, workshops and magical parties.

We have something for children of all ages led by theatre and educational professionals.

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About our creative dance classes

All children love to use their imagination and we believe by theming these sessions it brings that extra element of magic to the usual dance class.

Parents can join in the fun at our younger classes and sit and watch at our 3+ years classes.


From adventurous pirates traveling the seven seas to fairies learning the art of magic and flight

Your little ones will be taken on a magical journey through music and dance with the use of props and dress up, projectors and bubbles.

While traveling on our magical journey children will learn some ballet basics, sequence dance steps, mime, expression of movement and an appreciation of different styles of music.


All the fun of  our younger class is brought to life as we make magic before class begins! We wake up our toes and warm up our bodies with a gentle stretch. With the use of props we work in the centre to develop co ordination, balance and movement while improving on our ballet basics. We then work from the corner before learning combination steps to put into a dance. Class finishes with pom pom and bubble fun!

All children are rewarded on their 'Star Cards' at the end of class.

These classes are suitable for both boys and girls. Classes are split into age specific groups so children can improve on their dance ability. Good listening and turn taking is encouraged. 

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Themed Fairytale Academy Workshops

Fairytale Academy run themed workshops for children throughout the year.

Whether it's Christmas, Summer or Hallowe'en, children will have a magical experience inside our unique and beautiful fairytale set. Using drama, music, props, art and craft, afternoon tea, fun will be had at these immersive and interactive workshops.


Sessions are suitable for children 2+yrs who wish to follow their dreams and meet our fairytale characters. If they wish, children can attend the workshop dressed in their favourite fairytale costume.


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